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Dr. Dt. Duran Odabaşıoğlu

Restorative Dentistry Specialist

He graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry in 2015. Our doctor, who also completed his doctorate at Gazi University, specializes in Restorative and aesthetic dentistry. Aiming for perfect treatment and appearance, Dr.Dt. Duran Odabaşıoğlu successfully carries out the treatment processes with correct communication with his patients and predictions about their expectations. He carries out his work by determining the results that will occur after the treatment with digital smile design applications, especially in patients who will receive aesthetic dentistry treatment.
Our physician, who uses zirconium coating, implant, porcelain coating and laminate veneer in his applications, also has the right treatment expertise and experience in teeth whitening. Dr. believes that it is important to establish correct communication and dialogue in order to relieve the concerns of his patients who have a fear of dentists. Dt. Duran Odabaşıoğlu actively provides health services to many of his patients from home and abroad in our clinic.

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